It all started with professional organizer, Kristina Hankamp on a mission to find a home for stray cables and cords.

While organizing clients’ homes, professional organizer and Cord Board founder Kristina Hankamp began noticing the same issue in each home: a messy pile of tangled cords stuffed wherever they could fit. Not only did it add to the physical clutter, it created a feeling of disorganization as the homeowner could never find the right cord. 


Looking for a solution that was both quick to use and had aesthetic appeal, Kristina came up empty-handed. She decided to get creative and bridge this gap, developing an innovative and sustainable solution to this common organizational nightmare. A vision for the first Cord Board was birthed. 

Kristina partnered with her father, a retired engineer who came out of retirement to create a prototype. After many months of hard work, the Cord Board is now patent pending and on its way to becoming an essential organizational tool in every home. 

As an eco-conscious consumer and professional organizer, Kristina is committed to using only 100% recycled plastic for the board component of each Cord Board. 


Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Aubrey M.
Grand Rapids, MI

"I'm one of those people who has the best of intentions and yet my desk is always a hot mess (I know where everything is but it feels chaotic). 

I tried the Cord Board and it changed my life!!

Such a simple solution but solved one of my biggest problems- losing my chargers and cords in all the chaos."


James L.
Grand Rapids, MI

"It's a fantastic solution to keeping my charging cords and cables organized! Clean and easy to use design! Surprisingly enough, I used it for cords I hadn't even thought of... such as headphones."


David S. 
Hudsonville, MI

"I love that my cords stay separate and easily identifiable on the Cord Board. Before they would get all tangled in my drawer, especially the ones I didn't use that often. It saves me from hunting through a drawer for a certain cord."


Stephanie B.
Holland, MI

"My Cord Board is incredibly convenient hanging in my office closet. It frees up my drawer space - I love having more storage available."