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Time to get untangled.


It's finally here. A quick solution for your pile of cords.

Introducing the Cord Board.


simple, and 

sustainably sourced.


Developed by professional organizer Kristina Hankamp, this cord organizer is designed to be used both quickly and easily while also offering multiple ways to be stored. Kristina wanted her clients to have a solution for their cords that would only take a few seconds to store or retrieve the cords - no more wrapping ties around a cord or using cumbersome rolls or zippered pouches. Aesthetics were also an important part of the design - its modern, sleek, minimalist appearance compliments any area of the home or office.  


 The Cord Board slides into any drawer of your home or office. It's perfect for a junk drawer, desk drawer, dresser or nightstand.


Go vertical and save space! Every Cord Board comes with two Command™ velcro strips for easy installation on the inside of a cabinet or closet door. 


Tuck a Cord Board away on a shelf. It sits nicely either vertically or horizontally. Closet, office, cabinet or book shelves are great options for the Cord Board.


We love the convenience of the Cord Board! Increase your productivity by decreasing your time spent retrieving or putting away a cord.

What Customers Say

"My Cord Board is incredibly convenient hanging in my office closet. It frees up my drawer space - I love having more storage available."
~Stephanie B., Holland, MI


Cord Board is committed to redirecting plastic from going to the landfill by using 100% post-consumer, recycled plastic to produce the board component of our products. We are pledging to donate 6% of profit the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a nonprofit working to protect our fresh water. 

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